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Nurse Call System - Series-R7v:

Nurse Call System – Series-R7v are call systems to help the patient or sick person to summon help from Nursing Staff or Attendant.

Since the patient may face variable degree of danger, one has to select a reliable and perfect NCM system. BPS NCM systems are working at various Hospitals in India. It has proved its reliability and working over 25 years. It is self diagnostic for malfunctioning and also customizable to suit variable need of each institute.

Module –   Model No. 
Call Unit    
 Bed Side Call Unit (BNSBC1)
  for making call bed from bed side  
 Patient hand set  (BNSPH1)
  for making call bed from bed side remote 
 Toilet Emergency Unit (BNSBTC1)
  for making call Toilet from bed side 
 Shower Pull Cord unit (BNSP1)
  for making Bath room bed from bed side 
Call Re-set   
 Bed Side Unit   (BNSBC1)
  for Resetting call bed from bed side 
 Emergency re-set Unit  (BNSER1)
  for Resetting call bed from Toilet / Shower unit  
Door Display Unit   (BNSCL3C)
  for display of Ready & call status  
Hub  (BNSHB-1)
 for connections between Nurse station and Call units.   
Nurse Station Server   (BNSLP1-S-1)
 main controller for processing data received.  
Nurse Station Display Unit  (BNSND1)
 for display of pending calls   
Central Server  (BNSCS1)
 main unit for connection with all Nurse Stations  
Cental Server Display Unit   (BNSCD1)
 for display of status of all Nurse Station  
Joint box- cabinets:    
 Bed side call unit, emergency re-set unit, toilet emergency unit, 
 shower pull cord, door display unit are suitable for mounting 
 with standard 4 module box (133mmx75mmx50mm)  
Communication cable    
 cat-5 for network connection,  

Input power supply requirement:
Input AC supply- 230 V. 50 Hz. +/- 10%
3pin 5 Amps socket for Nurse Station server, Nurse Station Display Unit, Central Server.
Central Server Display Unit & Hub.
Note: Input supply to NCM system preferably be connected through UPS. Ensure voltage range within tolerance range of devices.Ensure all input sockets have proper earthing connection.

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