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Auto Light Controller:

Auto light Controller operation for External lighting.

Auto Light Controller Detects availability of natural lights and switches ON/ OFF lights automatically.

Optional built in OFF delay timer is also available. .

Aux. Supply: 240 V. Ac. 
Sensors: LDR 
 : External- remote/ Build in 
Timer: Optional built in 4-8 hours
Indication LED: Aux. Supply, 
 : Out put ON 
Mounting: Rail / Pole 
Enclosure : ABS molded
Out put : 5 A. 
ParametersModel No.
System Supply240 V. AC +/-10%
Out put Relay contact5 Amps 10 Amps
SensorLDR- RemoteLDR-Built in 
Power On Delay 1-5 sec. 
Off Delay timerN/A4-8 hoursN/A4-8 hours
MountingRail/ PanelPole 
Dimensions (L X W X D)60 X 70 X 130 mm100 X 175 X 150 mm

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