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DC Earth Fault Relay:

The relay detects any leakage current in the network and actuates alarm/trip circuit.

Float cum boost Battery chargers for power plants, Aux. supply DC sources and power supplies for telephone Exchanges are some of the installations where this device finds its application.

Aux. Supply : 240 V (AC/DC)/ 110 V (AC/DC)/ 30V (DC)
Trip current : 5 mA – 200 mA (by DIP Switch)
Trip Delay : 0.1 – 10s (Setting by DIP switch)
Output : 2 Change-over (Potential free)
Sensing : Through ground resistance
Indication : LED (Aux. Supply, + Ve, – Ve, Trip )
Mounting : Rail / Inside Panel Moul
Enclosure : ABS molded
Reset : Auto / Manual (Selection by Dip Switch)

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