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Auto Trickle / Boost selection
Over current protection
Battery Reverse Protection
Heavy duty transformer
Bridge Rectifier.

Reliable Charger is a must for dedicated back up supply source for industrial control devices, starting of DG Sets.
Series PABC chargers are having I C Controlled voltage monitoring circuitry for constant check on battery voltage and automatic selection of mode of charging. Till battery is fully charged, it is under BOOST mode ensuring quick charging . When battery reaches pre-set voltage, it is shifted to TRICKLE mode. it has heavy duty-double wound transformer, Full wave bridge rectifier, over load control, Protection against Battery reverse connection.

Mains Supply : 230 V AC +/- 10 % 50 Hz.
Battery Volts: 12, 24, 30, 36, 48 V. 
Battery AH : 100-400 AH 
Charging Current 
Transformer : Copper Double wound- Heavy duty
Rectifier: Full wave Bridge
Mode selection : Automatic Boost / Trickle
Protection : Charger
   a) Mains incoming fuse
   b) Out put fuse
   c) Over Load 
   d) Battery Reverse Connection
   a) Over Charging 
   b) Controlled charging rate
Instruments: Amps meter for Charging rate
 : Volt meter for battery/ charger voltage
LED Indications: a) Mains 
   b) Boost 
   c) Trickle
   d) Over Load
   e) Battery Reverse
Terminals: Input supply by 3 pin Main cord 
 : Out put by heavy duty terminals. 
Enclosure: Heavy duty Sheet Steel enclosure finished
    with Powder coated. 

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