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AC Earth Fault / Leakage Relay:

BPS offers wide range of Queue Management Systems for different 
applications. It is configurable to suit different type of 
organizational activities and different scales of organizations, 
where the process of working, the offered services and the type of 
operations are totally different.

To meet up the problems, we have designed a range of Queue 
Management Systems that are suitable for Hospitals, Health Care 
Centers, Banks, and other service providers.


The Relay detects any leakage current in the network
and actuates alarm/trip circuit.


Any installation with AC line distribution networking like Mines, Factories, Power Plants, Shopping Malls, Railways- Air Stations, Public Places. Etc.

Aux: : 110 V / 240 V. AC +/- 10 %
Trip current : 1 A-5 A
Out put : 1 / 2 Change–over (Potential Free)
Sensing : CBCT/ Individual CT
Power On Delay : 0-5 Sec. ( Adjustable)
Trip Delay : 0-10 Sec. (Adjustable)
Indication : LED (AUX. Supply, Trip)
Mounting : Rail / Panel
Enclosure : ABS Molded
Dimension : 60x 70×130 mm
Reset : Push Switch
External Reset : Optional parallel

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