Design Services

Expertise /Technologies:
Our focus Areas include:
1) Power Electronics
a) Intelligent Power Supply SMPS
b) HF and LF Inverters
c) BLDC Motor control
d) LED Drivers
e) Battery Chargers
f) DC Drives
g) AC drives
h) Solar Chargers / Inverters
2) Control and Metering
a) Digital Panel Meters
b) Multi Function meters
c) Energy Meters
d) Power Factor controller / meters
e) Protective and control relays
3) System Control Equipment
a) Digital Servo Voltage stabilizer Controller
b) Battery Charger controller
c) Auto Mains Failure Controller
4) mTouch based Switches
5) ISM Band digital radio communications
6) Audio recording and playback solutions using AMR and ISD with uC
7) X-10 Based power line communication and Home AutomationWe have experience and
Facilities available in-house and associates are:
• Circuit design for electrical/ electronics/ control equipments
• PCB design for digital / analog/ high frequency PCBs.
• PCB assembly and testing
• Transformer design winding fitting and testing
• Control panel fabrication, wiring and testing
• Microprocessor / controller programming
• Embedded circuit designing / production for power electronics and control equipments