About Us

“Baid Power Services Pvt. Ltd” is a Kolkata based leading innovator of many power electronics solutions and devices. “BPS” is promoted by directors having 30 years of experience in Power Electronics industry and qualified technocrats.
We have team of qualified and dedicated engineers specialized in instrumentation, power electronics and embedded system. Our in-house facilities includes designing & manufacturing of electronics control circuits, PCB designing, Micro controller, DSP based devices and equipments designing of transformer (High frequency transformers also), custom made solutions for power electronics and control problems.
Facilities available in-house and associates are:
• Circuit design for electrical/ electronics/ control equipments
• PCB design for digital / analog/ high frequency PCBs.
• PCB assembly and testing
• Transformer design winding fitting and testing
• Control panel fabrication, wiring and testing
• Microprocessor / controller programming
• Embedded circuit designing / production for power electronics and control equipments.
Our focus Areas include:
1) Power Electronics
a) Intelligent Power Supply SMPS
b) HF and LF Inverters
c) BLDC Motor control
d) LED Drivers
e) Battery Chargers
f) DC Drives
g) AC drives
h) Solar Chargers / Inverters
2) Control and Metering
a) Digital Panel Meters
b) Multi Function meters
c) Energy Meters
d) Power Factor controller / meters
e) Protective and control relays
3) System Control Equipment
a) Digital Servo Voltage stabilizer Controller
b) Battery Charger controller
c) Auto Mains Failure Controller
4) mTouch based Switches
5) ISM Band digital radio communications
6) Audio recording and playback solutions using AMR and ISD with uC
7) X-10 Based power line communication and Home Automation

Our Nurses Call Monitoring System and Queue Management System for hospitals are well accepted by leading hospitals and nursing homes. We have designed Queue Management System for Public Utility Services incorporating option of priority services to Disabled- Senior Citizens- Woman or as required by working condition of department.
Some of our standard solutions are:
AC Power conditioning Equipments:
Servo Controlled Voltage Regulator –
for single phase 1 KVA – 10 KVA
for three phase 6 KVA – 1000 KVA
Relay type voltage stabilizers:
For single phase – 1 KVA to 10 KVA
DC Power Systems:
SMPS power supplies-
SMPS based Battery Chargers-
Automatic Battery Chargers-
Float – Boost Chargers with built in DCDBs-
For sub-stations and Telecom applications.
Multi use battery chargers
Single phase-
Transformers for electronics devices
Transformers for Control Circuits
Transformers for lighting
Transformers for battery Chargers / inverter applications
Three phase
Transformers for Lighting
Transformers for FCBCs/ Rectifiers.
Transformers for SMPS power supplies
Transformers for Hi-frequency inverters
Digital Panel Meters
Digital Volt meters for AC & DC volt
Digital Amps meters for AC & DC Amps
Digital Frequency meters
Multi parameters digital meters
Digital Temperature indicators / controllers
System Protection Relays:
Voltage monitoring relays- Under Volt/ Over Volt relays for AC & DC
Current monitoring relays- Over current / under current for AC & DC
Earth Fault / Earth leakage relays for AC & DC
Phase failure relay, Motor protection relays
Water level controllers, liquid level controllers,
Auto Light Controllers,