Automatic Changeovers

Automatic Source Changeover with Current limiter

– a perfect solution for power sharingAuto Load Changeover relay Image

Automatic Load Changeover Relay (PLCR) – is a high precession system for efficient distribution of generator power in multi-storied apartments, commercial  complexes etc.

Series PLCR-DS are designed to connect mains supply  to load till mains is present.  On mains failure and receiving generator power, it connects the load to DG supply. During DG operation, load drawn is monitored. If the load exceeds the allotted limit, it disrupts the supply and rechecks in intervals. On reducing the load and keeping it within the limit,  load is connected to DG supply.
For different applications, we have specific models. They are with load limiter, without load limiter, transfer of load from one phase to other phase and many additional functions.

• Automation at no extra cost.

• Generator power to all lighting points.
• No separate wiring is   required.
• Assured availability of allotted current
• Space Saving
• Tamper proof & maintenance free.
• Safeguards Generator
• Fully solid state
• LED indication
• Wide range of single & three phase mode

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